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Do you really HAVE to wash your car?

Do you really HAVE to wash your car?

Ok, so you haven’t washed your car since, well, you can’t remember. But you get your oil changed, replace old parts, and keep it running like new. So what’s the big deal? It’s just dirt, right?


Well, a dirty car can be more than just smelly and bothersome. It might actually be damaging your vehicle, and ultimately will cost you a lot more than you anticipated! It seems it can be expensive to get your car washed once a week, but you’re really saving yourself money in the long run.


Dirt is Damaging

How can dirt be damaging you ask? Dirt buildup can be just as bad as sandpaper weakening the paint. A lot of things like tree sap, bird deposits, acid rain, and other contaminants will eat at your paint surface and destroy it over time. Even direct sunlight can fade and affect the finish.


Why is paint so important?

Not only can a car color define your personality (nothing like a yellow Lamborghini) but the paint can actually keep your car safe.

When paint starts to crack, etch, or chip off, it exposes the car’s body to moisture. And when that happens, the metal can start to rust and corrode, spreading like a nasty brownish disease. Left untreated, rust can weaken the car’s body, eat away holes, and expose vital parts, doing some real damage.


Resale Value

Even if you couldn’t possibly care less about what your car looks like (rusty, yellow, dirty, whatever), you probably still care about its resale value. And it’s pretty obvious that good looking well cared-for cars sell for more than old rusty looking cars. So besides just causing damage to paint, or spreading rust, a dirty car could eat away at your wallet down the road!


So what should you do?

Simply put…Just keep your car clean! We recommend purchasing one of our Full Service Car Wash packages weekly or our Lava Package Wash every other week to keep your vehicle protected. Come see us at Prestige and get the whole kit and caboodle or simply try one of our detail packages! To find out about our car wash packages go to our website prestigesd.com. Our wash process is the safest the industry has to offer, paired with some of the best cleaning agents around.


However you do it, just remember to not skip the wax. Waxing helps keep your car shimmering, but it also creates a protective barrier between the paint and the elements, defending against sap, insects, overzealous birds, and all kinds of other stuff. Wax properly and clean regularly and you’ll protect your car’s paint job, extend its life, and increase its resale value.

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